Can we help you?

We are a registered charity and operate in a social entrepreneurial way to generate as much income as we can to further our charitable purpose and deliver benefits to the environment. We have also established a wholly owned social enterprise Community Current Ltd to enable us to work in areas beyond SWLEN's charitable objects.

We have developed extensive knowledge in working with communities around encouraging and fostering pro environmental behaviours and building the capacity of environmental voluntary and community groups so they can become successful organisations.

We have developed and delivered what we believe to be the largest environmental social marketing project in the UK, seeking to change behaviours utilising nudge, social marketing and DEFRA's four E's (encourage, enable, engage, exemplify) around energy and water use and their conservation.

We can support local environmental groups, particularly friends of parks groups, helping them develop effective governance, working to establish good practices, raise funds, public sector liaison and other activities listed on our Help for a Group page.  

Skills and experience we can bring to any project:

  • Developing and running a large scale community-based social marketing project
  • Using nudge principles to achieve behavioural change
  • Supporting people to be change agents within their communities
  • Over 11 years of experience of environmental auditing of buildings
  • Our extensive database of local people and groups in Richmond and South West London
  • Over 7 years supporting and building capacity of environmental, voluntary and community groups including : 
    • collaborating and partnerships with local authorities
    • business planning
    • governance
    • fundraising
    • helping local authorities support community action around environmental activities

Please contact us if you would like to talk over any proposals with us.

Examples of our work

In early 2013 we won a competitive bidding process for a contract to support residents to get the most out of Richmond Council's recycling and food waste collection service. We employed a team of five Recycling Advisors to help residents understand what materials could be recycled and in what containers and to investigate issues that were preventing residents from making full use of the service. We called at 12,000 houses across the Borough speaking to approximately 4,000 people and compiled a report on our findings.  A copy is available on request - please email Vicky Phillips, SWLEN Business Manager.